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Carbon Fiber Cranks SH 170 Q:16 Standard (Black) for E-BIKE

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Discount from 06/04/2022

Regular Price €319.80
What's included: Right and left crank arms, installation bolts
The Delta SH's minimalist aesthetics and clean design make it a sophisticated enhancement to any bicycle's overall look. E-bike drive systems have specific compatibility requirements, which are often unique to the manufacturer. Compatible with Shimano STEPS  e-bike systems, Miranda’s award-winning Delta SH crank is manufactured through a proprietary cold-forging process with cutting-edge metal processing technologies. A dedicated engineering process to eliminate weak points by evenly distributing loads is seamlessly applied to produce a lightweight crank without compromising its exceptional resistance to fatigue and high-impact stress. The singular Delta SH will give a distinct touch of exclusivity to any bicycle with the Shimano STEPS E8000 e-bike system.


More Information
EAN 5603895329406
Length 170
Q-Factor Q:16
Material Carbon Fiber
Interface SH
Arm Materials Carbon Fiber
Finish Standard (Black)
Motors Shimano E6100, Shimano E7000, Shimano E8000

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